The Searching for Closure podcast is an on going investigation into unsolved cold cases.

The first season revolved around a real time on going Investigation into the unsolved 1973 homicide of 15 year Tina Davidson. Her nude, lifeless body was found on the shore of Lake MichiganSer has never been identified. Each episode I try to take one step forward in solving this horrible crime, and bringing closure to her sister and friends.

Season two was an indepth look into the 2009 missing persons case of 15 year old Kayla Berg. On August 11th 2009, Kayla went to hang out with a family friend. He claimed to have dropped her off at her boyfriends house, but she was never heard from or seen again. Through the help of her mother and her family friend I tried to shed light on the teens disappearance and try to find answers to what happened to Kayla.


Season three will be announced shortly, with a premier expected to be released around August of 2019.


Thank you for listening.

Searching for closure


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